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DIY Farmhouse Gallery Wall Decor

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We all have photos stored on our computers that we have been meaning to print or pictures set aside waiting to be put on display. If you have wedding photos, family portraits, or some amazing vacation photos, you might be looking for a cohesive and attractive way to hang them. Sure, you can (and should) create a photo album to commemorate those big life events, but why not show off your favorites? Every home has a blank wall that would be perfect for a gallery wall. From the entryway to the stairway, there are many opportunities to add a bold focal point to your home and showcase beautiful photographs, artwork, and unique items like that treasured flea market finds.  


We are going to showcase different ways to hang decor and hope to spark some ideas and decor options to make an awesome gallery wall display.  We have provided links below if you would to purchase items to complete your gallery wall.

To Purchase items or find more information:

Large Farmhouse Sign: Click Here

Picture Frames: Click here

Barn Door: Click Here 

Metal Sign: Click Here


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