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Monogram Pumpkins

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Add a sophisticated, personalized touch to your Halloween & Thanksgiving decor with an easy-to-create monogrammed pumpkin.  It is best to apply decal to flat side of pumpkin.  

Supply List:

  • Pumpkin (Real or Fake Pumpkin can be used. Use Flat Side to Monogram)
  • Vinyl Decals (Can Purchase from us if don't have a vinyl machine)
  • Paper Plate for Acrylic Paint (if you want to hand paint)
  • Paint Marker to trace Monogrammed letter (if you want to hand paint).
  • Ribbons of choice cut 12" 
  • Paint Brushes

These pumpkins can be found at just about any store.  We picked ours up at Walmart for under $6.00.  

If you have a vinyl cutting machine you would choose your font size (depending on the size of pumpkin you chose) and print the monogram letter out in white vinyl. We added about 12" wide ribbons to the top and the pumpkin. It is that easy and ready for the fall season for your home decor.  You can purchase the vinyl decals here.

We had a hard time getting the Large Monogram letter to look nice on round surface.  We attached the vinyl letter and traced with a Sharpie paint marker and colored in the monogrammed letter.


After you trace out the letter you can use a Sharpie Paint Marker or Acrylic paint to paint in the monogrammed letter.

You would allow the monogrammed letter to dry and apply the last name to the pumpkin and attach the ribbon.


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