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Brush and Floss-Bathroom Wall Decor-Teeth-Home Decor-Bathroom Art-Wash

Brush & Floss! This Brush and Floss Sign is perfect for uniquely personalizing your space. It features a curly cursive font and different finish options that fit your decor and space that's sure to add a rustic touch to your bathroom.

Brush: 23" x 9"
&: 10" x 9"
Floss: 22" x 10"

Hanging- Signs do not come with hanging hardware as they are made to hang from the letters themselves. Command strips can be used, or you can hang with nails throughout the sign in between the letters. We recommend two small nails placed on each end of the piece within an opening of a letter.

Colors- Raw wood will have natural imperfections and unpainted. White and black will be a matte finish.

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