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Egg Holder-Plastic Egg Holder-Butt Nuggets-Farmhouse-Egg Carton-Egg Holders

A funny egg carton is sure to put a smile on your face!

Reusable Plastic Egg Cartons. Holds 12 eggs, Stackable, the lids do not snap down like typical food storage containers so it is easier to get your eggs out of the fridge without taking out the whole container! A funny egg carton is sure to put a smile on your face.

We use professional grade vinyl. Please handwash gently. No dishwasher and no scrubbing!

Many sayings to choose from such as:

Rise & Shine Mother Clucker
Over Easy, like your mom
Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets
Laid in the USA
My pet poops breakfast
Over-Easy Like Sunday Morning
Boiled Eggs are hard to beat
Farm Fresh Eggs
Wicked Chickens lay Deviled Eggs
Boneless chicken
Cackle Berries
Let's get Yoked
Just Beat it
Eggs for days

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