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Rustic Whiteboard-Rustic Dry Erase-Framed Whiteboard

Jot down notes, reminders, shopping and to-do lists on this Rustic Framed Whiteboard. With life as busy as it is these days, it's virtually impossible to remember everything that is needed to keep you on track. Let this reminder board be your very own personal assistant.

With its decorative frame, this Dry Erase board offers style without compromising on functionality.

It can be hung in any room of your choice, be it the Kitchen, family room, entryway, or bedroom. This framed dry erase board comes with metal bar and S-Hooks to facilitate easy installation.

Material: Rustic Wood
Inside Finish: Dry Erase/Whiteboard


30" Tall by 22.5" Overall
18" x 24" Dry Erase Board
22.5" Wide metal Bar

If you need another size please message us.

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